From Steven Darter

"The value of this book goes well beyond the impact of interesting memoirs ... through provocative questions for reflection, he encourages readers to understand their own giftedness and life purpose ... This book can significantly enhance your life!"

—Fred Sievert, retired President, New York Life Insurance Company; author of several books.

"Whether you are early or late in your life, there is much to learn or relearn from Steve Darter’s Lessons from Life"

—Sam Havens, retired President, Prudential Health Care

"Steve incisively mines his life’s experience to come to a deep understanding of his own meaning, purpose, and truth, and simultaneously equips us to do the same."

—Greg Baumer, SVP & Chief Growth Officer, naviHealth; co-author of God and Money: How We Discovered True Riches at Harvard Business School 

"Steve offers us the powerful reflections that have emerged from his own life story. . . This is a book you will read, reread, and gift to others."

—Zara F. Larsen, EVP and Global Head of Engineering, Werner International POC GmbH

"This book reveals an amazing, intelligent, and proven way to discover your life’s purpose."

—Dick Staub, nationally syndicated broadcaster; founder of The Kindlings; author of many books

"Everyone who reads this will benefit from its honest self-reflection and will be inspired to find the hidden strength their life journey has to make them better people."

—Kenneth Klepper, Cofounder, Chairman, and CEO, ReactiveCore; former President, Medco Health Solutions, Inc.; Board of Directors U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Naval Institute

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"Regardless of where you are in your career: just starting out, somewhere in the middle or nearing the end this is a must read book. Your performance, the performance of your team, and the performance of the organization will dramatically improve if you apply the principles contained in this book. If you’re not excited and energized after reading this book check your pulse”

--Richard G. Barnaby, President and Chief Operating Officer, Kaiser Permanente

"One of the most amazing things I’ve seen as a manager. We have integrated this into the fabric of Medco; its impact has been enormous and a key factor in our continued success"

--Kenneth Klepper, President and Chief Operating Officer, Medco Health Solutions, Inc

"A truly impactful approach to understanding business and personal motivations and success factors”

--James E. Miller, Executive Vice President, MassMutual Financial Group

"Managing Yourself, Managing Others addresses the very core of managing and presents the finest tool I’ve seen that promotes human development within the work place.”

--Joseph Carlone, President and General Manager, Linemaster Switch Corporation

"I have used this basic approach for the past 15 years and found it to be tremendously rewarding—to the individual and for our company"

--Stephen D. Ban PH.D; President and CEO, Gas Research Institute

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